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Seat Map

Aboard Enerjet, we only offer one class of service and that's excellent service to all travellers. Regardless of your seat, our onboard hospitality is consistent throughout the cabin. Learn more about our in-flight hospitality.

For most flights, we use festival seating or seat selection is assigned at airport check-in, based on a first come, first serve basis. On select flights, where travellers book through a tour operator, seat selection may be available in advance by contacting your tour operator.

Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation Jet Aircraft Big Seat Configuration

Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation Jet Aircraft Big Seat Configuration


To be seated in an emergency exit row seat, the traveller must

  • Be a minimum of twelve (12) years in age and the flight attendant shall use his/her judgment to ensure he/she has the physical, cognitive and sensory capacity to operate the exit
  • Be able to visually determine if the exit is safe to open
  • Be capable of understanding the printed and spoken emergency instructions
  • Be physically capable of using the exit
  • Have sufficient mobility, strength and dexterity to reach, operate and dispose of the exit
  • Not be responsible for another person as this can hinder the opening of the emergency exit
  • Not have a condition, which might cause them harm by opening the emergency exit door