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Aircraft selected for NewAir & Tours

Date: August 27, 2008

NewAir & Tours is pleased to announce it has selected the Boeing 737 Next Generation (NG) aircraft for its fleet.

"After significant research we have determined the Boeing 737 NG will best suit the needs of NewAir & Tours for the present and foreseeable future," says Tim Morgan, President & CEO of NewAir & Tours.

Further details regarding the fleet selection will be made available at a future date.

For media inquiries regarding the aircraft fleet selection, please contact:

Dean McKenzie - Vice President, Communications and Culture
NewAir & Tours
Mobile: 403.701.8066
Email: dean.mckenzie [at] naatgroup.com

Website forum Give us a piece of your mind!
At www.NewAirAndTours.ca a website forum has been established to collect feedback on how and what NewAir & Tours might look like in the marketplace. Canadians are encouraged to visit the forum, participate and provide feedback. The founders and management team at NewAir & Tours are actively reading the posts and may in the future begin participating in some of the forum topics.

Facebook Group

A Group on Facebook for NewAir & Tours has been set up. Anyone interested in the start up is invited to join the group. Members of the group are able to make wall posts, invite friends, create discussion topics and add photos. Please note when searching for the group, key in "newairandtours".