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Enerjet Achieves Regulatory Approvals

Date: November 28, 2008

CALGARY, AB - Enerjet (formerly NewAir & Tours) is pleased to announce the achievement of two significant milestones.  First, the award of an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) by Transport Canada, acknowledging Enerjet's completion of all the technical and safety requirements necessary to operate a commercial air operation in Canada.  Secondly, the award of an Air Operators License issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency.  The license authenticates that Enerjet has met the rigorous ownership requirements which assure Canadians of a financially sound air travel provider.  The achievement of these milestones means that Enerjet is now open for business to charter its Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation aircraft.

According to Enerjet President and CEO Tim Morgan, the application process went smoothly. “We were impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency with which Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency handled our application, and with the superior work of our own expert staff.  The outcomes of this work set a high standard for enabling a safe, reliable carrier in a reasonable time frame.”

About Enerjet

Enerjet is a privately held Canadian Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta. We are an equal opportunity employer and adhere to Canada’s labor code and standards. We fly Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation aircraft. For information regarding employment opportunities, charters or further background information, please visit our website at www.enerjet.ca or contact:

Bill Lamberton, VP Marketing & sales, Enerjet, email bill.lamberton@enerjet.ca or call 403-648-2800