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New Canadian Air Charter Operator Selects AvFinity Messaging Network

Date: January 19, 2009

Enerjet - Canada's newest air charter operation - recently selected AvFinity as its aviation messaging network provider.

AvFinity, a Texas based aviation network provider, will provide Enerjet with AFTN messaging, plus APIS (Advance Passenger Information Service) submissions of passenger and crew manifests to government border authorities in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition, AvFinity will help Enerjet build an internal network and establish direct connections for passing and receiving IATA Type B messages to frequent recipients such as other airlines and service providers. This unique AvFinity service eliminates costly monthly charges for connections, IATA Type B addresses, middleware and network management common with legacy messaging providers.

Terrestrial, or ground-ground, messages make up more than 90 percent of an airline's messaging traffic. AvFinity's patent-pending software technology is designed to bring down the cost of this messaging regardless of protocol, format or destination. AvFinity typically offers 30 percent savings over other providers.

"We are keenly aware that Enerjet must strive for the highest safety and service levels while we seek new and innovative ways to manage costs. The addition of AvFinity to our communications and technology portfolio extends our operational flexibility, enhances the continuity and reliability of our communications, and provides efficiencies that will grow with our operations," says Darcy Morgan, Enerjet Vice President of Business Performance and Integration.

About Enerjet

Enerjet is a privately held Canadian Corporation based in Calgary, Alberta. We fly Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation aircraft. In November 2008, Enerjet received its regulatory approvals from Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency to commence domestic and international charter flights. We are an equal opportunity employer and adhere to Canada's labor code and standards. For information regarding employment opportunities, charters or further background information, please visit our website at www.enerjet.ca or contact:

Bill Lamberton, VP Marketing & Sales - Enerjet, by email at bill.lamberton@enerjet.ca or telephone at (403) 648-2800.

About AvFinity

AvFinity's unique secure messaging services, powered by its patent-pending software technology, provide the first significant advance in aviation messaging in more than 50 years. AvFinity's technology manages, formats, and routes aviation messaging over all network protocols. A key feature is that airlines no longer have to rely on existing Type B networks, as AvFinity transmits messages normally sent as Type B over AvFinity's secure network using IP (internet protocols). This feature is a major cost-saver for AvFinity's airline customers. For more information on AvFinity services, call Robert Cook at (905) 257-2410.