Enerjet News

Enerjet Prepares for Change to Business Operations

Date: October 20, 2010

The management of Enerjet is making plans for a restructuring of our business operations. Since our launch in 2008 Enerjet has delivered exceptional service to our customers and travelers in selected segments of the Canadian air transportation market. Our service has been powered by the most modern series of Boeing aircraft, which set standards for reduced fuel consumption and reduced environmental impact.

The launch line of business for Enerjet began with the transportation of workforce and personnel for the major capital projects in the energy industry. Since our launch we have expanded our customer base to include the construction industry, the military and law enforcement sectors. Shortly after our launch, the rapid contraction of the energy industry in 2009 required Enerjet to shift our business operations to include serving the Canadian tourism market.

Since then Enerjet has flown thousands of Canadians' to their favourite sunspot destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, Cuba and Central America. Feedback from our travelers has been overwhelmingly positive and a gratifying experience for everyone on our Enerjetic team. Since our first flight, Enerjet has achieved 100% dispatch reliability and has sustained this without interruption.

Enerjet is now preparing to update our lines of business to include a broader range of services. These services will require Enerjet to restructure our people and equipment over the coming weeks. The upcoming changes are designed to keep our efforts focused on delivering high quality, reliable service to our existing customers and travelers while we make preparations for our future business plans.

Interested parties seeking more information about Enerjet or our services are directed to visit our website at www.enerjet.ca.