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Enerjet outsources IT support to Calgary-based firm XCEL

Date: April 23, 2013

April 23 2013: Calgary, Alberta - Enerjet, a Canadian charter airline, has entered into an agreement with XCEL Professional Services Ltd. for the outsourcing of Enerjet's Information Technology and Communications (ITC) requirements to the Calgary and Edmonton-based IT firm.

Enerjet's outsourcing of ITC requirements will allow the charter airline to focus on their day-to-day business while XCEL manages their desktop support, server support, administration and maintenance, as well as line of business application administration.

"XCEL looks forward to working with Enerjet by providing cost-effective ITC solutions to improve Enerjet's productivity," said Colin Knox, XCEL's president. "We will help Enerjet build a forward-thinking IT strategy. The ITC best practices at XCEL will support Enerjet in the growth and success of their airline."

Enerjet was conceived in 2006, when a team of business entrepreneurs and proven airline industry veterans launched the charter airline. Enerjet has operated flights since 2008 with an enviable performance and safety record.  Enerjet's state-of-the-art Boeing 737-700 Next-Generation jet aircraft are available for charter around the globe. The airline specializes in workforce transportation, tour operator charters, aircraft leasing and charter flights.

"As Canada's air charter specialists, Enerjet expects to benefit from XCEL's high level of customer service and technical expertise," said Darcy Morgan, Enerjet's Vice President. "The advantages of outsourcing can be a considerable catalyst for companies like ours who are seeking to increase our technical readiness while holding the line on costs."

"As an organization, XCEL takes pride in offering our clients the highest level of customer service and the technical expertise to realize and develop technology goals," said Knox. "XCEL's goal is to build staff confidence within Enerjet's network system, allowing the organization to focus on the business at-hand."

For more information regarding outsourcing with XCEL or to learn more about the company visit: www.xpsl.ca .

About Enerjet

Enerjet is a Canadian charter airline operating since 2008, with happy customers in the energy, construction, defense, public sector, plus travel and tourism markets. Enerjet is licensed to offer chartered, scheduled, domestic and international flights. Our people and planes go anywhere our customers do.

About XCEL Professional Services Ltd.

XCEL Professional Services Ltd. is a leading IT services provider with offices in Calgary and Edmonton. XCEL provides a reliable fast network, minimal to no unplanned downtime, and the most responsive customer support from seasoned IT professionals.

In 2012, XCEL responded to over 7,500 IT requests in an average of 32 minutes. XCEL's client satisfaction of 94.3 per cent demonstrates the company's commitment to quality customer service. As a leader in the industry, XCEL takes pride in offering clients a high level of customer service and the technical expertise to realize and develop technology goals.  XCEL's goal is to build staff confidence within a client's network system, allowing the organization to focus on the business at-hand.

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Darcy Morgan, Vice President
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