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Enerjet Responds to Minister Garneau Speech on Nov 3, 2016

Date: November 3, 2016


Today in Montreal, the Minister of Transport for Canada, the Honorable Marc Garneau, presented his plan for transforming the national transportation system, including several provisions pertaining to the betterment of the aviation industry in Canada.

In response to the announcement by the Minister, the Canadian airline, Enerjet, reaffirmed its plan to establish a nation-wide ultra-low-cost carrier ("ULCC") offering low priced commercial air service benefiting all Canadians. Concurrently, Enerjet announced its intentions to partner with Indigo Partners LLC of Phoenix, Arizona, to fast-track development of this new class of air service for Canadians. Together with Indigo, Enerjet will develop a Canadian ULCC with a strong financial foundation and broad international experience - implementing a model that has met with success around the globe. The customers and shareholders of this new ULCC will benefit from the capital, talent, best-practices, and strong industry presence introduced through this partnership with Indigo.

Enerjet President, Tim Morgan, commented: "We are excited to develop a new airline which offers widely-available low-cost fares and convenient air travel for Canadians. We intend to make travel for Canadians more affordable, and to provide a much needed economic stimulus to Canada and to every Canadian community we serve. We also expect the airline will create several thousand Canadian jobs in the next few years. Mr. Morgan further noted "Canada is very fortunate to be serviced by two of the safest and most successful airlines in the world, yet remains one of but a few developed nations not to benefit from a discount airline."

Indigo Partners LLC Managing Partner, Bill Franke, commented: "We would like to thank the Minister and his dedicated team for taking up the challenge of making much-needed and difficult changes to the transportation investment environment. We look forward to the benefits that all Canadians will enjoy from this leadership."
Further announcements regarding the details of the launch of the ULCC, including the company structure, flight schedule, launch dates and locations will be made in appropriate time after all government and regulatory changes are approved.

About Enerjet
Enerjet is a Canadian airline operating flights since 2008 with corporate customers in the energy, construction, defence, travel & tourism and public sector markets. Using New Generation Boeing 737 aircraft, Enerjet is licensed to offer charter, scheduled, domestic and international flights.

About Indigo Partners LLC
Indigo Partners LLC is an experienced, world class investor in Ultra-Low-Cost Carriers. Their investment strategies and knowledge having proven to be significantly successful around the world including North America, Asia and Europe.

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