Travel Preparation And Airport Information

To help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, before travelling with Enerjet and arriving at the airport, please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed this section.


Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

Unaccompanied minor (UM) service is offered on all non-stop flights, with the exception of charter and international flights, for $80 per direction.

An unaccompanied minor is considered a child who is five (5) years of age or older but has not had their twelfth (12) birthday. Children who are not yet five (5) years of age are only carried when accompanied by an adult. If requested, children over the age of twelve (12) may travel as an unaccompanied minor.

A child under the age of twelve (12) travelling with an adult, who is not seat assigned with or in the vicinity of the adult, will be treated as an unaccompanied minor on board the aircraft. In this scenario, paperwork is not required.

Infants - General Information

Any child under the age of two (2) years will be considered an infant. An infant must be accompanied by a person twelve (12) years of age or older. If an infant turns two (2) years old while in transit, they may travel for no charge on the return flight if their birthday is within thirty (30) days of finishing their trip. The child must occupy a seat of his own.

An adult is permitted to travel with two (2) child restraint devices, one for a toddler (over two years of age) and one for an infant. If the adult has purchased an additional seat or there is one available and they have an approved child restraint device, it may be used. If a seat has been purchased, a boarding pass will be issued.

Infants must be held in either the accompanying adult's arms or secured in an approved restraint device (if present) for taxi, takeoff and landing and any other time the seat belt sign is illuminated. When held in the adult's arms, the seat belt must only be fastened around the adult. Should the oxygen masks deploy, the adult must don their own mask first and then don the mask on the infant.

Infant and Child Restraint Devices

Refer to the section Child Restraint Systems - Acceptable Types.