Travel Preparation And Airport Information

To help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, before travelling with Enerjet and arriving at the airport, please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed this section.


Ensure you have proper identification.

Domestic Flights:

International Flights:

Travellers checking-in after the prescribed time may be denied boarding and lose their reservation.

Presently Enerjet does not offer express check-in (e.g., via telephone, self serve airport computer kiosk or online).

Tip: Once you are given your boarding pass at check-in, keep it and your identification ready. In most cases, you will need it three (3) more times for domestic flights:

  1. At the security check point,
  2. At the gate to board the aircraft, and
  3. Entering the aircraft.

If you are travelling to an international destination, you will need your flight information from your boarding pass and passport for Customs and Immigration on arrival at the flight's destination airport. In-flight you will be given a blank Customs and Immigration form for the country that you will be entering. You will need to complete this form in-flight and have it ready for presentation to Customs and Immigration on arrival with your flight information and passport.

If you are travelling to the United States, at some major Canadian airports there is pre-U.S. Customs and Immigration clearance between check-in and the security checkpoint. At this stage you will need your boarding pass and passport, plus a completed U.S. Customs and Immigration declaration form. Blank U.S. declaration forms are available at the check-in area.