Travel Preparation And Airport Information

To help ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience, before travelling with Enerjet and arriving at the airport, please ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed this section.


Before boarding an Enerjet flight you will be required to go through airport security screening. Before packing your luggage it is important to familiarize yourself with the Canadian Transport Security Authority's (CATSA) website to avoid packing prohibited items in your luggage and then having these items confiscated by security.

Airport Security Tips:

Confiscated Items:

If security identifies an object not suitable for air travel, it will be confiscated or in most cases you will have an option to mail it back to yourself or store it for your return if it's your home airport.

Most major airports have a mail it back program where you can courier an item to yourself. A security representative can direct you to this area in the airport terminal. It is usually a self-serve counter set up near the security checkpoint.

If an item is deemed not suitable for travel by security at your home airport where you will be returning, there are often storage services at major airport terminals where you can store and re-claim an item on your return. See the section AIRPORT TERMINAL INFORMATION for Coat and Luggage Storage options.